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Pets overboard!

Join the captain and crew of vermin as they set sail looking for the lost treasure.  This 25 minute show is full of family fun and audience interaction.  The captain knows where she put the treasure map, now if she could just remember.  With the help of the audience, the problem is discovered…..  it’s pi”rats”  that have taken the map, lead by the evil black pirate dog.  The treasure is found, only to be out done by a SKUNK. And of course, after finding the treasure, what is more appropriate than a pirate party! Our animal cast has all come to the show from animal shelters and rescue originations from around the country.  The animal cast includes dogs, house cats, and rats.  The love they have found with their new life shines through each and every show.  This show is complete with its own elevated stage and show props and scenery.  The custom sound track brings a new element to the performance.  And the finale of the show with its special effects and action will leave your guest talking!  This is a pet show done like no other!

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